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  June 2015   
It's why are we still talking about law firm websites?  

Most attorneys I know understand the need for a website for their law firm and they have one. By now we all know that 3 out of 4 consumers look online to find a lawyer.  

And yet, there are still attorneys who look at their online strategy as just another place to dump money, instead of a lead-generating machine.

I've worked with attorneys who have had massive success with their website, bringing a steady stream of new clients into their practice, and others whose website has not made them a nickel.

So what makes the difference between a great website and one that is ineffective? How can you turn your ineffective website into a lead-generating machine? There are eight tactics you can use...

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Stephen Fairley

8 Tactics for a Lead Generating Website

There are eight tactics you can use, but it begins with identifying your purpose. Let me clear this up right away: The purpose of a law firm website is to grow revenue by attracting a steady stream of the right kind of clients to your practice.

Stephen Covey, author of the book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says that one of the cardinal rules is to "begin with the end in mind." The end in mind you should be thinking about when creating a website is, how can I make my law firm visible to potential clients and convert as many of them as possible into contacts? Are there other desirable outcomes from your website? Of course!

Here are a few:
  • Develop brand awareness for your law firm
  • Educate prospects on the types of services you offer
  • Sell your services online
  • Book appointments
  • Provide client support
  • Education for new clients on common questions they have
However, we believe the #1 most important reason for your website is lead generation and lead conversion. So if you have a website that is not producing the kinds of results you want, then it's time to make some changes.  

8 Steps to Turn More Browsers Into Buyers

Some law firms make the critical mistake of concentrating their legal marketing efforts on getting prospects to visit their site - just once. They miss the mark completely if they expect their legal website to be an effective marketing tool without providing compelling reasons for interested prospects to return.

By using your online presence to enhance a prospect's experience with your firm, you will begin building a strong relationship. Here are 8 steps to accomplish this:

1.  Position your firm as a specialist. When people search for attorneys online they have a specific problem (DUI, personal injury, etc) and they are searching for specific answers. If your firm has several practice areas that are very different from each other you should seriously consider having more than one website, especially if they reach a very different clientele.

2.  Offer free, educational information. Most website visitors are not ready to pick up the phone and commit to a consultation the first time they visit your website. Provide educational materials, such as a free report on the "top 10 questions to ask before you hire a divorce attorney" to help them make the best decision. It allows you to catch people early in their decision making process and obtain their contact information (name, email and phone number) in order to access your valuable content.

3.  Use fitting photos. A lot of legal websites make the mistake of similar stock photos of the scales of justice or the courthouse steps. Be sure the pictures on your website are congruent with your message and your perfect client.

4.  Give visitors easy ways to connect with you. I'm still astounded at how difficult many websites make it just to find their phone number or an email address that goes directly to an individual versus a "faceless entity." Make it easy for prospects to find all your contact information, even on their cell phone. Your phone number should be in the upper right hand corner of every page on your website. Whenever possible, have a number that is in their area code versus an 800 number.

5.  Create a mobile friendly site. Last year smart phones outsold computers! This year Google estimates 55% of all internet traffic will be conducted over smartphone and tablets. With slower speeds, smaller screens, the need for more immediate information, and the potential desire to easily call your office directly from their cell, a mobile version of your website is no longer a nicety, it is a necessity!

Be sure to look at how your current website looks on an iPhone and an Android phone. Do you have to scroll right to left just to read the text? Did all the graphics "disappear"? How's the layout? How many clicks does it take to get to the major pages? Can someone click on your phone number and will it auto-dial your office?

6.  Tell visitors what the next steps are. If you want them to download your free report or call your office for a free consultation, tell them! Don't make them guess.

7.  Use video clips on your website. Video is a proven conversion tool. Without video, the average visitor to a law firm's website is less than 30 seconds. With video we have seen that number increase to two to four minutes! It gives visitors a way to see you as a real person, to hear in your own words how you can help them, and how you are distinct in your approach.

Create a series of three to five minute video clips on the top ten questions prospects have about your practice area. Host them on YouTube and embed them on all your major pages.

8.  Provide a clear and compelling reason why you are different from your competitors. Online buyers of legal services visit an average of five websites prior to moving into the decision making phase. Explain to them in an easy to understand manner how your firm is different from others. By the way, talking about your "affordable prices" or the "quality of your services" are not unique differentiators! The first one makes you sound cheap and everyone says they have good quality services. Get creative!

Bonus: Use Live Chat. Our clients have found live chat on their website to be the best conversion tool! One of our family law clients was getting three to five good leads per month off their website...until they started using live chat. This last month the owner called us and said they had over 20 qualified leads just off live chat! We firmly believe in live chat as one of the most cost effective tools to generate more leads from your website. If you want to know who we recommend give us a call: 888-588-5891.

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