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  September 2014   

Why the Goal of Social Media for Attorneys is Lead Generation and Business Development

Dear Reader,

I recently had an interesting discussion on Twitter with a well-respected legal marketing consultant about the goal of social media for law firms.

His perspective is that the ultimate goal of social media for lawyers should be to build their presence and credibility in the community and among their peers, not business development. He is quite vociferous in his opinions.

While I have a lot of respect for this person, I strongly disagree on this point. I believe the primary goal for using social media is to develop more leads and find new clients.

The majority of our clients at The Rainmaker Institute® are small to mid-sized law firms with 2-25 attorneys in them. The pressure on attorneys at many large law firms is, "If I don't bring in new clients, I won't make partner someday." The pressure on our clients is more along the lines of, "If I don't bring in new clients, I won't make payroll."
Our clients need a specific plan of action that directly results in more and better leads.
If you want to learn how to create that, then I invite you read the article below.



Stephen Fairley


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The Small Firm Perspective

From our clients' perspective, the goal of social media is lead generation and business development, pure and simple. How you get there is by building targeted relationships, providing solid content, and consistently adding value. At The Rainmaker Institute, we specialize in working with attorneys and regularly receive 100-250 new leads every month just from our efforts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. That's the point!

At our company, we use social media for the express purpose of generating new leads and ultimately new clients! The way we achieve that goal is:
  • By providing excellent content on legal marketing every day of the week
  • By connecting with attorneys in our target market
  • By engaging with others in the legal industry on topics of interest to us
  • By liking posts by our clients so they know we are thinking of them
  • By commenting on posts made by prospective clients so we can engage with them
  • By inviting interested prospects to visit our blog or website to download a free report or sign up for one of our free webinars
  • By nurturing those relationships with regular, targeted communication
Most legal marketing experts would agree with me that selling on social media is not helpful and will usually result in turning people off rather than attracting them to you. Where I part ways with many of them is on the next step to take. Many would say once you have developed the relationship on social media that's as far as you should go. If the person wants your help they can always look you up.

I take it one step further and use the opportunity to directly invite the person to:
  • Visit my blog
  • Sign up for my free monthly Rainmaker Report newsletter
  • Attend a free business development webinar
  • Order an interview I had with a top attorney on best practices in building your law firm, or
  • Download a special report on how to create a better law firm
"The best lawyers get their work via relationships and word of mouth. Always have and always will. The Internet and social media did not change that," wrote O'Keefe in a recent blog post. Really? I could not disagree more! There has been no more powerful force in transforming how attorneys get clients than the Internet and more recently social media.
For many small law firms, the Internet is the great equalizer. They cannot compete on television with the mega-firms and their 7-figure advertising budgets and they certainly can't afford to wait five years for a relationship to evolve into a new client. They are looking for the most direct route to reach and connect with clients who are looking for an attorney right now.

Many of the best lawyers do not get most of their work from relationships and word of mouth. It is outdated and inefficient views like this that keep attorneys from fully achieving the potential of social media. By the way, just because some attorneys get some of their business from word of mouth does not disprove the rule.

The sheer number of attorneys out there today, especially in consumer law, makes it virtually impossible to just grow organically by word of mouth. You must be much more proactive and intentional about your business development efforts than just letting your work speak for itself.

The Internet and online marketing (including social media) are the fastest growing ways consumer attorneys are finding new clients. How do I know this? Because of our experience working with over 10,000 attorneys nationwide and because social media is the #1 topic I get asked to speak on by State Bar Associations. It is also one of the fastest growing parts of our "done for you" marketing services that we offer law firms.

5 Social Media Rules for Solos and Small Firms

Today, lawyers can be found by having a decent website, being on social media, blogging and using these tools to build and grow a contact list, then marketing to it.  Small firms need to define their ideal client, use the terms that prospects are using to search on the Internet and do the necessary marketing to make sure those searching online find them first.

Here are five rules that every attorney and small firm should know about social media; use them to guide your efforts:
  1. Produce great content. The quality of the content you provide is directly reflective of how people perceive the quality of your law practice. When you put something out on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, it needs to be something your prospects and followers find valuable, informative, and interesting.
  2. Engage with others. If someone posts a comment or response to your article or post be sure you respond in kind. You have to give as well as you get. The first word in "social media" is social!
  3. Focus. Specializing in your area of practice helps you build trust and authority, so focus in on messages that reflect what your practice is about. If you have multiple practice areas spend 80% of your time promoting the ones that make up 80% of your business.
  4. Be authentic. Write for those people you want as clients, not for other attorneys. Let your personality come through in your posts. I don't care what other attorneys think of your website or your blog posts. I care about what your potential clients think and so should you.
  5. Learn the culture. Each social media network has a different culture, and the most successful marketers know how to use it to their advantage. For example, LinkedIn is very professional and very different from the casual nature of Twitter. In general, focusing in on two social media networks is generally a good idea for most practitioners - figure out where your target market spends most of their time and be there.
It has been my experience that for the majority of attorneys in small to mid-sized law firms, online lead generation and lead conversion have dramatically changed over the last decade. If the rest of the legal industry has yet to catch up, that creates an even greater opportunity for attorneys to use social media to generate quality leads and convert them into clients.

If you'd like to learn more proven strategies for using social media for business development, I invite you to attend a Rainmaker Retreat, our two-day law firm marketing workshop. We have sessions every month around the country - go to to check the schedule.

If you're ready to take your firm to the next level this year and would like some assistance in achieving your goals in creating a lifestyle law firm, I invite you to sign up for a complimentary strategy session with one of our trained Rainmaker Law Marketing Consultants by calling 888-588-5891 or filling out this form.

We have helped over 10,000 attorneys across the nation discover the secrets in building a financially successful and personally satisfying legal practice and we would love to have your law firm be our next success story!

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