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"I will tell you that the $1000 spent here this weekend will come back at least 10 fold. The one thing that you will learn is that it's simple, easy if you just simply follow steps, you will increase your business through marketing which falls into place. And you don't have to do it; you can have your staff do it! Unbelievable."

Geoffrey Evers, Esq,
Partner, Real Estate & Business

"The Rainmaker Institute has provided me the opportunity to use the internet to reach out to potential clients and also referral sources in a repetitive fashion that is cost effective and takes a minimum amount of time, which also has increased our gross and net profit exponentially."

Charlie Jamison, Esq,
Partner, Family Law

"One things I'm really taking away from this seminar is it's not just a feel good, everybody go out there rah rah seminar. There were specific things that were taught and the biggest thing I've learned is how to leverage blogging which I'm already doing, into press releases and articles to really get the worked out there and that's what I'm going to concentrate on."

Greg May,
Partner, Appeals Attorney

"The most important thing I've learned this weekend is some simple, concrete, rational steps to take, leveraging what were already doing in our marketing efforts."

Frank Acuna, Esq
Partner, Estate Planning

"For 30 years I've been a very successful attorney but I've been embarrassed to want to market. What I got out of this seminar is not just the need to market but how to do it and feel ethically comfortable that what we're doing shows the best of our profession, the best of my abilities, the best of what my firms has to offer without any regret. I had a lot of shyness and regret about marketing before being exposed to the techniques that I've learned here so far."

Jeff Zinder, Esq,
Partner, Civil Litigation & Insurance

"I came to the Rainmaker Retreat feeling skeptical that we'd learn anything that was of any real value. After the first day, I've come away amazed. I watched a friend of mine who is also here who I consider to be one top marketing attorneys in the business tell me that he had already felt the seminar had already paid for itself in the first 2 hours. I'm just amazed at the skill level that Travis and Stephen have shown. I've learned an incredible amount and I know it's going to make a huge difference in my practice."

William Daniels, Esq,
Partner, Trial Attorney

"I learned today that I can do so much more with so much less. I thought I had to go to every Chamber of Commerce, every law department meeting, everything that I needed to do and I was wrong. I can do so much more by doing less."

Carol Bradford, JD
Charitable Gift Planning

"This seminar was absolutely phenomenal. The tools they gave us really, really are going to leverage the time and make us more efficient. For instance just the use of the press releases. I had never dreamed of using press releases the way that they recommend and how easy and cost effective it is going to bring my practice to a different level. And then the technology, the use of audio and video on my website and the automation of communicating with my clients, referral sources and prospects on a regular basis and bringing a human touch to technology and allowing me to allow people to see who I am, what I am, what I'm about, what I can do for them in an easy, straight-forward format. It was just phenomenal. A lot of things that I learned I never even thought I could do in that kind of cost effective way."

Mel Abrahamson

"It's absolutely incredible. My personal opinion is that in a few years, everybody is going to be taking this course as one of the foundations of marketing. And, anybody that hasn't taken the course isn't serious about marketing. There are plenty of courses I've gone to just in general and I'm sure all the attorneys feel this way that it's usually very boring and you don't really learn much that is applicable right away.

Paul Cheng, Esq
Solo Practitioner

"This program has been great. It's really helped me think outside the box; to see things differently. I went to law school to learn how to practice law and how to learn legal cases and legal theories and principles and I come here and I learn how market my practice and make money and enjoy what I'm doing. I highly recommend it."

John Wollman, Esq, Partner
Business Litigation & IP

"This seminar was invaluable to me and my staff. I brought with me my Office Manager and my Marketing Assistant. That created enthusiasm and a game plan we're going to take back to the practice and institute immediately. I highly recommend it - it was the best money that could be spent. If you're not bringing these people, you're not doing this right."

Charlie Jamieson, Esq
Partner, Family Law

"For me the Rainmaker Retreat has been fabulous in teaching me how to build and maintain my network of contacts and build a profile in the professional. My time couldn't have been better spent these last two days."

Johnny Griggs, Esq, Managing Partner
Litigation Firm

"Picking up out of this, I think a lot of what I got out of it was in terms of the websites, and how to update the websites, what to add and include, as well as items with press releases, that definitely has got to be a big one as far as getting out there and getting your name known and getting the company and firm known."

J.J. Smith, Marketing Director
Litigation Firm

"I am completing the seminar today and probably the most important thing I've learned is you can teach an old dog new tricks. A lot of the things I was doing right I stumbled upon. The things that I liked about this seminar is that it's not theory, it's things you can apply to your practice immediately. For instance one of the things I will use is the keep-in-touch letter. By that I can keep in touch with clients that I may have lost contact with and that's a major source of referrals so that's something I can put into use immediately."

Jim Hearn, Esq, Partner
Real Estate

"I'm excited to get back to my practice to try to implement some of the things I've used. I've been a trial lawyer for 37 years - I've tried all sorts of cases but what I need is to do is find a way to market myself so I get the kinds of cases and kinds of clients I want. Most of the traditional methods of marketing I've always thought didn't work, today that was confirmed for me. What I want to do is go back and do the things I really like which would be press releases, internet activity, and personal contacts and through selected areas that I can focus on and build the cases I want to get in the door."

Jerry Coughlan, Esq, Partner
Litigation Firm

"This program has been absolutely terrific in so many different areas but the one that I took away from is about the internet, marketing through the internet, particularly through blogging. I learned that you can give information to clients as well as gather information from clients or potential clients and it's great way of building your practice and keeping in touch."

Janine Avner, Esq, Partner
Estate Planning

"We just finished day one of the Rainmaker Retreat and it was awesome. I learned so much in one day I can't believe it. In fact they gave us a hypothetical with something that somebody was doing for marketing and before coming here I would have thought she was all the right things. By the end of the day, even before the end of the day, I knew that everything she was doing was probably not the best thing and there were a million better ways to do it. Thank you Rainmaker Retreat, I'm really looking forward to putting these things into action."

Rhonda Jamgotchian, Esq
Labor & Employment Attorney

"I came to the Rainmaker Retreat to learn about how to develop my practice. They have developed a very simple system for developing your practice in a quick and effective manner.

Today I learned that I'm going to develop a website that will really reach out to clients and help me learn about their needs at the same time.

I recommend the Rainmaker Retreat for people that want to focus their practice on effective marketing strategies and reaching out to clients rather than just sitting and waiting for client referrals to come to them."

Hannah Bentley, JD
Public & Environmental Law

"The course forces you to look at where your practice is at this particular point and then using several tools to evaluate what will work best for your area of practice."

[Who would you recommend attend the Rainmaker Retreat?] "Anybody that wants to generate for business for their business. For me it was how exactly the nuts and bolts of setting up a website that was not going to bore people, how to draw them in and make them stay and look at you and differentiate yourself from other people."

James Wolfsen, JD
Family Law

"There's one thing I really loved about Stephen Fairley's program is that he taught me how to become positioned as an expert within my own industry. That's going to position me as an expert such that people will be calling me to find out about their intellectual property problems such that they can dominate the world."

James Yang, JD
Intellectual Property

"Today we had a great seminar with Stephen and Travis. A main thing about attorneys and how they market themselves is all they have is themselves to market. It was great to hear them talk about how to effectively use ourselves to market our product which is our service.

The main thing I was able to get from the seminar is marketing just doesn't mean advertising it means a lot more. I think this is a great seminar for solo practitioners to expand their market."

Raymond Hovsepian, JD
Real Estate Attorney

"I came here today without much focus on where my business came from or how to get it. When I left today I realized I can really take more control through speaking, publishing, doing some other things that is really going to increase my business."

Patrick DeCarolis, JD
Family Law

"One thing I picked up here from this retreat, apart from it being really fun, is about referrals. learned we need to branch out, we need to talk to people in other types of businesses that can also bring us clients and another thing I didn't know about is articles about submitting articles on the internet.

Now I'm thinking we need to talk to other types of attorneys..

I recommend that attorneys send their staff to the next Retreat because they will learn a lot and then they can teach everyone else at the firm what to do."

Ariselli M.
Marketing Director for
Criminal Defense Attorney

Developing and Implementing a Strategic Growth Plan

"I consider myself to be as much a businessman and marketer as I am an attorney. I have been actively honing my law practice marketing skills and techniques for many years; actively read law practice marketing materials; and attending law practice marketing seminars.

I can honestly state that Stephen and Travis are the best I've seen. Their practical tips and insight were just what I was looking for. I highly recommend them to any attorney interested in improving both their bottom line and quality of life."
Fred L. Coover, Esquire (Columbia, MD)

Stephen Fairley presents a clear and compelling path to marketing success. His tips on "making rain" will leave you needing an umbrella wherever you go!
Jonathan Pink, JD, Partner (Costa Mesa, CA)

It has taken me 30 years of trail & error to learn many of the techniques that Stephen Fairley taught us in 1 evening! This is an incredibly focused and practical seminar.
Michael Pfiefer, Esq, Managing Partner (Santa Ana, CA)

Your presentation was great! I left feeling excited about my practice because I felt, for the first time, I could successfully market it.
Alicia Gieck, JD, Partner (Moline, IL)

I'm walking out of here with a specific, written marketing plan!
Brian Forde, JD (Chicago)

Concise, cogent and detailed enough to give me a specific plan to implement
Peter McGinnis, JD (Poughkeepsie, NY)

This is a great way to jump start a firm-wide marketing program.
Edward Rickert, JD Partner (Downers Grove, IL)

Significant Increases in Focus, Motivation, and Productivity

For the first time I can remember, I now have a clear strategy for getting more business. Stephen Fairley is great!
Gail Owen-Smith, Esq (Long Beach, CA)

This program encouraged me to focus on certain markets and specific solutions I can offer so I stop spinning my wheels aimlessly.
Charles Wolf, JD, Managing Partner (Joliet, IL)

Great Speaker! Very organized presentation. Material is simple enough to not be overwhelming but full of great content. I can take this and readily implement a good marketing strategy.
Thomas Miles, JD Partner (El Cajon, CA)

This presentation was focused, concise and very practical.
Wesley Beverlin, JD Partner (LA)

Stephen Fairley has inspired me to go out and get involved with a trade industry servicing my specialty.
Charles Skop, JD (Garden City, NJ)

The Rainmaker presentation was phenomenal!
Glenn Guttman, (Chicago)

Increased Marketing Effectiveness by Partners & Associates

It's time to start treating my practice like a business and boldly marketing my services effectively. Thanks for showing me how!
Kevin Reina, JD (Staten Island, NY)

Stephen's program caused a breakthrough for me. The ideas and enthusiasm his program created in me just won't quit!
Miranda Dempsey, JD, Partner (Tustin, CA)

This program lit a fire in me to get out and personalize my practice and turn my clients and into my best referral system
Stephen Liberatore, JD, Partner (San Francisco)

Stephen really challenged us to commit to a marketing plan that was achievable and geared to help us make more money.
Timothy Daley, JD Partner (San Diego, CA)

The Rainmaker seminar provided me with solid, useful tactics I can immediately start using.
Ronald Paja, JD (Stockton, IL)

This program assembles a lot of marketing information and organizes it into useful strategies.
Ronald Katter, JD (NYC)

This gave me a Step-by-Step approach to taming the Market Monster.
Mercedes Cruz, JD, Partner (Los Angeles)

Discovering How to use A Competitive Edge for Maximum Impact

This program showed me specific strategies that are easy to implement. I had no idea that marketing could be so easy.
Elisabeth Kovac, JD (NYC)

You walked me through a complicated subject, ripped it apart, and made it easily digestible. Thank you!
Paul Kerzner, JD (Ridgewood, NY)

learned how to find contacts through Strategic Referral Partners who are doing business with people I want as clients.
Debi Young, JD (Livingston, NJ)

Definitely motivating and inspiring! Practical advice with specific action steps.
Amanda Mineer, JD, Managing Partner (San Diego, CA)

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